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Although we're not a brewpub, all of our beers are local breweries or a selection of the most popular beers available with an occasional special for the season. 

The Blind Mule @ Toxaway station

My Story is that I started in the restaurant business at age 15. My father told me if I was going to do something the rest of my life, I better enjoy it. Well, cooking was it. I put myself thru Culinary school and did My apprenticeship in a 1 and 2 Michelin Star Restaurant in the 80's. I returned to the states to land a job at the best restaurant, at the time, in Chicago at Le Francais for Jean Banchet. Then moved to San Diego to work at several upscale resorts and restaurants. I became a chef for several Chaine des Rotisseurs groups, and worked as Executive Chef and Sous Chef at several Relais & Chateaux hotels. Before working on my own in a few restaurants getting acclaims from Food Art, Southern Living, and local credit.

I met My wife Carole in a French Mediterranean restaurant in Greenville, SC She has been a tremendous blessing to me, she has done all the decorating and design of the dining room. Without her, it would still be in the terrible state it was in when we took it over. She gets all the credit for the interior decor! 

Along with my 3 boys, James, Alex and Benjamin. All of us work and serve at the restaurant as it is truly a Family business.

I give God all the credit as He is the one who has enabled me to do the things I have. Come and enjoy a meal at the Blind Mule, we will have a table waiting.


About the Blind Mule at Toxaway Station.

The Restaurant name comes from a few historical pieces of info and from the of vision of the location.

In 1916, Lake Toxaway dam broke and flooded the town of Toxaway, now Rosman, the only casualty was a blind mule. leading us to believe if it hadn't been blind would it have lived.

The Toxaway Station part is important that the building is on the site of the former Toxaway Depot where this was the last stop from Asheville and Hendersonville during the logging of the area.

Our part is that we lived in England and this looked exactly like a English pub in the countryside of Northern England.